Seagate Technology Ireland, Derry, N.Ireland

Seagate Technology operates from a large fabrication plant in Derry city. The plant manufactures thin, film-recording head wafers for use in electronic equipment.

In the year up to June 2010, the turnover increased by 6%. This was the sixth year in succession that the total had increased and was approaching double the value of 2004.

The Seagate plant in Northern Ireland has the unusual distinction of manufacturing advanced components, which are then consigned to Malaysia and Thailand for incorporation in products.

Project Overview:

  • End User: Seagate Technology Ireland
  • Client: Seagate Technology Ireland
  • Project: Continuous Mechanical Installation and Upgrade Works, at existing Springtown Facility
  • Project Value: N/A
  • GMK Contract Value: £ 1.0 Million Annually

GMK Services Provided:

  • Principle Contracting Role - Complete Management of Projects
  • Supply Fabrication and Installation of Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, PVC-u, ABS,Polypropylene and CPVC Process Systems for New and Upgrade of Existing Infrastructure and Tool Relocation/Installations
  • Provision of High Purity Stainless Steel fabrication and Orbital Welding Personnel to carry out high specification Gas piping Installations to main Pipework Laterals and Tools Hook-ups within Cleanroom Environment
  • Supplyand Installation of New Plant and Equipment
  • General Maintenance to Existing Plant and Equipment
  • D&R of Existing Plant and Facilities

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