Orbital Welding

Orbital welding being carried out under Cleanroom class 100 and class 1000 protocol using AMI 207 welding plant. All GMK orbital welders are fully trained and certified by 3rd party i.e. AMI and Orbitech. Post 3rd party certification Orbital welders are required to carry out a 6-month in house training program before carrying out site installations. All welding equipment are inspected and calibrated on a yearly basis.

Fusi Orbital Welding On High Purity Stainless Steel Pipe 1.pngPipework and fittings are prepared for welding using a Tube Lathe under a Nitrogen purge.Above welding is carried out using a AMI 9AF 500 weld head under Argon purge through a purifier arrangement. GMK carry a full range of Fusion Orbital Weld heads to carry out a range from 6mm to 100mm complete with collets.

  • Orbital Weld Head - 9AF 500 Range 6mm to 15mm
  • Orbital Weld Head - 9AF 750 Range 6mm to 22mm
  • Orbital Weld Head - 9AF 1500 Range 6mm to 40mm
  • Orbital Weld Head - 9 4500 Range 40mm to 100mm

Stainle Steel Pipe 3.png

Above welding is carried out using AMI 9AF 227 welding plant complete with an AMI Model 15 wire fed weld head under Argon purge. GMK carry a full range of Wire Fed Orbital Weld heads to carry out a range from 20mm to any standard pipe size.

  • Orbital Weld Head - 79 2375 Range 20mm┬áto 50mm
  • Orbital Weld Head - 79 3500 Range 20mm to 90mm
  • Orbital Weld Head - 79 6625 Range 50mm to 150mm
  • Orbital Weld Head - Model 15 Range 90mm to any standard pipe size

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